46 1/2 Hours of Free Mudbox DVD's From Wayne Robson

Please bear in mind many of these DVDs and videos contain very old work. For more up to date examples see www.DashDotSlash.net

From the Ground Up WAVE2 'The Dentist' Mudbox Masterclass Vol 5: 'The Minotaur' Autodesk Mudbox Masterclass Siggraph 2009
From the Ground Up WAVE 1 Wayne Robson : LIVE in Berlin Autodesk Mudbox Masterclass Siggraph 2010
Mudbox Masterclass Vol 3: UDK Pipeline Masterclass Mudbox Masterclass Vol 4: UDK, Clawman and Blue Mudbox Masterclass Vol 6: Organics Masterclass

The Entire QuickStart series from 2008/2009

'The Archive'  

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